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Caci Napier

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Welcome to Caci Napier

Here at Caci Napier we are all about confidence. At Caci our purpose is to make it simple for a woman to improve her appearance so she can feel more attractive and confident.

We appreciate finding the right treatment provider is paramount and can assure you our team are all specialists in their field with continuous training at the Caci Academy. This allows us to stay up to date with procedures and protocols within the ever changing beauty and appearance medicine industry.

At Caci Napier we offer complimentary consultations and a chance for you to have a one on one chat to answer any of your questions.

We specialise in results driven treatments, skincare, laser hair removal, appearance medicine, fat reduction and all your day to day beauty therapy needs.  We understand sometimes it can be hard to make the initial step but we can guarantee you won’t look back.


Meet Wendy - our ChillSculpt Model

"I was fortunate enough to be a demonstration model at a recent event evening at Caci Napier. I felt quite apprehensive as I entered the process and Kendal that Beauty Therapist talked me through it. She reassured me and I soon felt at ease. We discussed that we would treat my lower abdomen, to attach it the suction head kneads for about 2 minutes and then the full suction begins the colling procedure which lasts 60 minutes. The time goes quickly and it is numbing, not painful at all. I noticed slight bruising but it only lasted a couple of days. I now notice that I have a flatter lower abdomen and would recommend this treatment if you are wanting a quick abdomen flattening. Thanks so much to the ladies at Caci Napier for the experience."


I turned to the Caci Clinic a year before turning 50. While I focussed on the result of my Skin Health program I hadn’t prepared myself for the pleasure of the actual journey; pure indulgence. Now that I’ve had the big birthday my skin is the best it’s ever looked and I will continue to be a grateful client who completely trusts the dedicated and knowledgeable team of professionals at Caci Napier. Louise Parsons

Dear Julia, I wish to express my delight with the Caci clinic experience from a Mature Lady 's view.
From the moment I stepped into the clinic I was made to feel very relaxed & even being handed the forms to fill in went plain sailing.
My experience with Aden was great & as I had never had electrolysis before I was a bit apprehensive but Aden explained to me what she would be doing & how the machine worked so by the time she started I was feeling really relaxed & wondered why I had been so up tight.
I did not feel a thing apart from the odd warm glow.
The other thing that I must mention was that Aden shaped my eye brows exactly how I have always wanted them to be done but have never come out of anywhere feeling so thrilled to bits.
I would recommend  the Caci clinic to anyone,
So a big thank you. Kind regards,
Ngaire Brickell

"It took me ages to pluck up the courage to phone and make an appointment at Caci Napier to talk about laser hair removal, and I nearly didn't turn up to my appointment, but I am so glad I did. I have had 4 treatments so far, and I am no longer constantly worried about whether people are looking at the hair on my face. I can't wait to see how I will look after I have had the rest of my treatments." Jen

"I had struggled with painful ingrown hairs in my bikini line for years and my doctor suggested I look into laser hair removal. I did my research online and found the Caci clinics had a reputation for getting great results. I went into Caci Napier and they did a test patch for me so I could see what sort of results I would get. 2 weeks later I went back and signed up to a programme, and I am so glad I did. Thankyou Caci Napier." Paula

"This has been the first summer since I had laser hair removal on my legs, I have had such a huge reduction in hair that I only have to shave every few weeks. I would recommend having laser hair removal at Caci to everyone." Stacy

"My son has had a very hairy chest and arms since his late teens and was always very self concious. I haven't seen him without a shirt on for years. He has just finished a laser hair removal programme at Caci Napier and I can't believe the difference. He is way more confident and is looking for any excuse to whip his shirt off!" Happy Mum

"I would like to express my thanks to Caci Napier, the Fractional Laser treatment I've had in the last four months has been outstanding. It took me so long to make a decision and now with the results I've had, I wish I had started earlier. The owner Julia is so knowledgable and helpful and has handed me onto her wonderful team, they are all lovely from the minute I walk in the door. Well done Caci Napier." Jane

"Fractional Laser has transformed my skin, I feel nothing but great. The results are brilliant! I would recommend Caci Napier to any woman. "The service is excellent and the owner, Julia Toy, is very friendly and helpful. She will work through any requirements to get a great result" Caci Napier Client


Clinic Address

Price Waterhouse Coopers Building Cnr Munroe and Raffles

Opening hours

Monday 8.00 - 5.00
Tuesday 8.30 - 7.00
Wednesday 8.00 - 7.00
Thursday 8.00 - 7.00
Friday 8.30 - 5.00
Saturday 8.30 - 1.00

The Team

Julia - Owner

Julia established Caci Napier in March 2007.  She also set up Caci Havelock North and ran this clinic before selling it in 2015.

Her extensive knowledge of the skin care industry and her light hearted but professional approach ensures every client receives the highest level of care in a welcoming and friendly environment.

Julia has a very close knit team, who pride themselves in ensuring the client gets a wonderful experience with real, long lasting results.

“It is not about a sale, it’s about offering the best possible solution to the concern of each individual client; this is how we achieve long-term relationships and continue to achieve the client’s goals.  I am committed to support my clients through their journey as a member of the Clinic”.

Pam - Finance and Administration Manager

Many of you will know Pam from her time at the front desk.  Pam helps clients on a daily basis with the administration of programs and accounts.  Over her 8 years with both the Havelock North and Napier clinics she had gained an extensive knowledge of all the treatments Caci has to offer.

Gail - Senior Cosmetic Nurse Specialist

Gail is an experienced cosmetic nurse who has been with the Caci group 7 years.  She relocated to Hawke's Bay from Rotorua in early 2014. with an attention to detail and the utmost care for her clients, she is passionate about the treatments she administers.  Gail delivers all treatments in a calm and gentle manner and helps clients to achieve a fabulous, but natural look.

Sonya - Senior Cosmetic Nurse Specialist

Sonya has an effervescent personality and has extensive experience in delivering the highest quality of medical care. She joined us in 2014 after experiencing the Clinic as a client and loving her journey.  She now enjoys the diverse role in Appearance Medicine and advanced skin treatments.  She will make you feel comfortable and safe with your treatments with a laugh along the way.

Zoe - Beauty Therapist

Zoe is passionate about skincare and all that is associated with making you look and feel your best.  She has previously worked at two prestigious Clinics in Christchurch and brings with her great knowledge about advanced skin treatments and Appearance Medicine.  She has a warm and approachable nature and will immediately make you feel at ease and very comfortable.  

Alyse - Beauty Therapist

Alyse has been in the beauty industry for 10 years. She worked previously in an award winning Australian medi-spa, and brings a wealth of knowledge to her new role. She has a wonderful touch, and has already impressed many of our clients with her “magic hands”. Alyse is passionate about skin, and the role she plays enhancing the natural beauty of every client.

"Clients are constantly telling me how much time they are saving by not having to shave daily.  One appointment every 4-6 weeks is all it takes for laser hair removal."

Nika - Beauty Therapist

Nika is passionate about beauty therapy.  She loves skin and gets great pleasure from helping people along their skin health journey.

She is warm and compassionate, and enjoys building a rapport with her clients to make them feel their best.

Nika, loves working with the latest VPL hair removal technology,  and the ability it gives her to give her clients the best results.